Alpha - Equipping us for our Mission to Help People Encounter Jesus


We are excited to announce that St. Peter will begin its first Alpha in January 2020.

Alpha is an 11-week experience that creates a space where people are excited to bring their friends for a conversation about Jesus.

A meal. A movie. A conversation.

No judging. No preaching. No pressure.

Alpha helps Catholic parishes develop a missionary culture fostering personal encounters and relationships with Jesus through the power and the ministry of the Holy Spirit. People learn to pray with one another and this becomes a normal part of the life of the parish.

Those who have tried Alpha often want to share their experience with friends and invite them to the next course. The Alpha small groups model hospitality, which will permeate the entire life of the parish.

Our first Alpha will be limited to 24 participants as we train our Alpha team of hosts and helpers. Alpha is intended for people who don’t believe in God or are confused about what they think about God, Church and Jesus. In order for a parishioner to attend this Alpha he or she must bring someone who is not currently a believer or practicing Christian.

Our second Alpha will be offered on a much wider basis beginning next fall. Watch for it. Plan to bring a friend.  For more information visit

Have questions? Contact Becky in the parish office 575-0837 x202 or EMAIL

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