Sister Parishes

Sister Parish of San Miguel
San Miguel Ixtahuacan, Guatemala


The parish of San Miguel has been the “Sister Parish” of St. Peter since 2008.  That year a group of parishioners from St. Peter travelled to Guatemala to find a sister parish that we could establish a long-term relationship with.  Due to the many individuals and families from Guatemala in Jupiter and at St. Peter it was a natural “fit” to find a sister parish in Guatemala.  
Father Erik Gruloos, a priest originally from Belgium, has spent a large part of his priesthood ministering to the parish of San Miguel.  
The parish is in the remote, mountainous area in northwestern Guatemala known as the Highlands.  It is in the San Marcos Department.  The population of San Miguel is indigenous Mayan and the primary language spoken in homes is Mam.  Spanish is the second language of the area.  
The main parish church of San Miguel is in the center of the town and serves as the focal point and gathering spot in the town.  Also included in the parish is over 20 remote villages located in the mountains surrounding the town, many only accessible by dirt roads.  
Many of the villages have their own “chapel” which serves as the center of Catholic life within the remote villages.
Because Fr. Erik is the only priest, for a parish of over 40,000 people, the role of lay people as catechists and community leaders is very important.  Some places may only have Mass celebrated in their chapel once a month.  Fr. Erik is able to communicate with his parishioners through the parish radio station, “Radio Archangel”. 
Over the years, St. Peter has assisted San Miguel by providing support to build chapels, assist in the construction of the parish meeting hall, which also serves as the location for BITOL, a ministry to children with physical disabilities.  Purchase of vans for transportation for special needs children and financial assistance for the support of the parish medical clinic.  
Other projects have been help in building rain water storage units used for irrigation on small farms, construction of brick ovens to help conserve the use of wood for cooking and the construction of concrete latrines, as most of the houses in the remote areas do not have indoor plumbing.  
At St. Peter we hold an annual collection for San Miguel in the Spring.  
Fr. Erik comes to visit St. Peter every several years, and a group of parishioners visit San Miguel every other year.


Sister Parish of St. Mary's Catholic Church
Pahokee, Florida


The parish of St. Mary has been the “Sister Parish” of St. Peter since 2008. In establishing our “sister parish” ministry at St. Peter we wanted to keep in mind that helping those in need starts by helping those in need within our own Diocese of Palm Beach.

The city of Pahokee is located on the shores of Lake Okeechobee in western Palm Beach County. The city has a population of 6,200. It is predominantly African American and Hispanic. Due to the fertile soil around the lake, Pahokee is a community largely dependent upon agriculture, especially the sugar cane industry.

The parish of St. Mary, affectionately known as the “Bethlehem” of the diocese, ministers to the spiritual and physical needs of their parishioners. Located in the church is a bejeweled Russian icon that was given by the Kahn family. The icon, also affectionately known as Our Lady of Bethlehem shows the Virgin Mary holding the child Jesus in her arms. The parish ministers to a large Hispanic community, many of which are engaged in the agriculture industry. Also, located on the campus, Catholic Charities of Palm Beach has an outreach office. In addition, a clinic is located in the parish hall which serves the community in Pahokee with the doctors donating their time.

Over the years, the youth ministry of St. Peter has travelled to St. Mary’s on mission trips and projects. In addition, the Hispanic community at St. Peter also assists with the San Andres School of Evangelization outreach to Pahokee. In recent years, St. Peter has sponsored and worked at the Thanksgiving Dinner held at the St. Mary parish hall for the people of Pahokee as part of the Big Heart Brigade. When we replaced our chairs in our parish hall, the old chairs were donated to St. Mary for their use in the parish.

At St. Peter we hold an annual collection for St. Mary in the Spring.

Fr. Raul Cardenas is the current pastor of St. Mary.




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